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Velux windows fitted in Surrey

Installing or updating roof window blinds or shutters, not only can add a stylish touch to your interior but will give you complete control over the light that enters your property. Alongside roof windows and skylight installation and maintenance, we can fit a wide choice of shutters or blinds.

These blinds are ideal for all domestic and commercial properties and can be designed to fit roof windows of all shapes and sizes. We can also help you choose from a manual or electronically-operating system, depending on your requirements.

Our blinds and shutters are ideal for roof windows in all rooms and locations, including bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, home offices,  playrooms, and commercial spaces.

Choosing your roof windows blinds and shutters

We install Velux blinds and shutters and these products are specifically designed for Velux windows. They guarantee a robust, practical and long-lasting performance, as well as looking fantastic.

Many blinds and shutters are available with either manual operation or with electric or solar-powered operations, using a remote control.

Velux windows fitted in Surrey

Velux blinds and shutters for roof windows in pitched roofs

Velux blinds and shutters for roof windows in flat roofs

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