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Velux windows fitted in Surrey

Roof windows are an excellent way to both improve the look and feel of the interior of any residential or commercial space, whilst also adding value. These products also allow you to make full use of your property, particularly when roof windows are installed into the loft, so you can have brighter storage space.

In cases where the room has been converted, this means it can be used as a bedroom, playroom, office or any other type of room. The benefits of sunlight are well known; as well as making a room look bigger and brighter, natural light has a direct impact on helping us stay physically and mentally well

Ideal for flat roofs and pitched roofs, our roof windows provide superb ventilation and views. They are also very energy efficient, so will help to conserve energy, reducing your fuel bills and carbon footprint. They also provide an excellent way of ventilating your property, reducing humidity and condensation that can encourage issues like mould growth.

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Why we choose Velux roof windows

When it comes to roof windows, we can install all brands but there is one brand we always use: Velux.

For more than 70 years, the Velux brand has been synonymous with quality roof windows and sets the standard for looks, functionality, and performance.

Velux windows fitted in Surrey

This brand offers the following benefits:

  • Tried and tested roof windows products
  • Stunning aesthetics with many designs
  • Outstanding thermal insulation properties with Velux Thermo Technology for energy saving
  • Secure and robust, with burglar-resistant features
  • Quick and seamless installation that does not require scaffolding
  • Let in 18 percent more natural light
  • Safe and easy cleaning
  • Better energy balance
  • World-class interior and exterior design with slimline frames and sashes
  • 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind
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Choosing your Velux roof window

We install all types of Velux windows and roof windows and with such an extensive product range, you will always find windows to suit you. All windows are customisable and can be adapted to your requirements.

The windows we install include:

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